Study at TVN Academy today and reap the benefits forever! Read what our students have to say about TVN Academy.


How are you finding studying at TVN Academy?
I love studying with TVN. The study support is great and I like the fact that i will get chased if I haven't got an assignment in when I said I would. Really helps to keep me on track. 
What made you decide to start studying at TVN Academy?
I was originally enrolled in another school that I felt wasn't completely meeting my study needs, so I enrolled in one of the TVN workshops to top up on skills I felt I was missing. From there I decided that TVN was a much better option for me.
What is different about TVN Academy?
I feel that TVN is interested in making us as nursing students into the best veterinary nurses we can be and not just taking money and forgetting about us.
How do you find the workshops that TVN offers? Are you able to apply the skills you have learnt and apply them in practice?
I find the workshops very helpful and educational. They are great at giving you confidence to complete assigned tasks in clinic.
What do you plan to do when you have finished your course?
I am hoping to get a job as a locum nurse as I like the idea of working in different settings with a variety of different nurses,vets, people and their animal family members.

Clancy - Advanced Certificate in Applied Veterinary Nursing