Learning Veterinary Nursing and Animal Care has never been more important!

In a rapidly evolving industry, where technology, expectation and best practice can change at speed, it is essential that your knowledge and skill are kept fresh and current.

By demonstrating that you are aware of the latest progression, are familiar of insights and can apply these to your work ethic and principles, you will set yourself apart from the competition. If you can demonstrate how you have applied your learning and training techniques that deliver results for a team or clinic, then you will position yourself as a proactive employee with an intuitive understanding of your role and your responsibilities within the veterinary and animal sector.

Continuous learning should cover three key aspects:

1) It should be engaging

2) It needs to be fun

3) You must be satisfied

TVN Academy covers those important key aspects and more by offering courses and books that are developed by highly educated academics in their respected disciplines, with decades of experience and formal university qualifications. Our tutors are distinguished in their chosen industry with years of academic training and who still work in their profession today. TVN trainers also use a training style and technique which is both unique and original that students can enjoy and relate to.

TVN Academy also offers its students practical training, where students can train on animal simulators, receive updated and current information in an open and friendly setting and students also have the opportunity to stay at the ranch in the Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW Australia as part of their Equine and Veterinary Nursing training program.

With this ever changing industry, there are now even more reasons as to why you need to stay ahead of your peers. By studying through TVN Academy, your confidence and skills will be boosted, your personal profile will benefit hugely -  due to recommendations from employers and clients - which can then easily lead to greater job prospects.

 TVN Academy will help you acquire knowledge and skills that will ensure you exceed client and clinic expectations. By delivering high quality, exceptional treatment and assistance, it will enable you to go above and beyond the industry's standard of pet and client care.

To advance in your career and keep you ahead of the veterinary industries standard of care, start learning at TVN Academy today and reap the benefits forever.